2019 Hanneli R
2019 Hanneli R

2019 Hanneli R

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This complex Syrah-based blend is the ideal partner to red meat in most of its forms. With its well-structured tannins, this wine beautifully complements the intensity of hard cheese.

Also available in a magnum (1.5L) size

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The wine is a blend of Syrah (60%), Petit Sirah (36%), and Viognier (4%). A portion of the Syrah grapes originates from Elim, while all the other grapes are Franschhoek wine of origin.

The winter of 2018 marked higher rainfall compared to the preceding three years, with dams in the Western Cape experiencing a strong recovery. While budding showed promise, the impact of wet and windy conditions during flowering, hindered the formation of clusters. The ensuing summer was characterized by relatively cool temperatures, and the harvest commenced later than scheduled. Analyses yielded promising results, indicating high acidity and low pH levels. However, the uneven distribution of clusters presented a challenge in determining the optimal harvest timing. Consequently, the harvest for this vintage turned out to be one of the smallest since 2005.

The Syrah vineyards of Elim are trellised and grow in shale with a layer of "koffieklip" (coffee stone). This, combined with the cool climate, produces wines with intense perfume flavours and a minerally palate. The Franschhoek Syrah, Petit Sirah and Viognier vineyards grow in deep, sandy soil of weathered granite and sandstone, producing elegant wines with a creamy texture. Because the grapes originate from diverse terroirs, the wines have depth and complexity.

Grape varieties for the blend were sorted and fermented separately. The wines were then matured separately in new 600-litre oak barrels. After 36 months' maturation the wines were blended and then bottled during May 2022. Only 2,200 bottles were produced.

This wine consists of a blend of the best wines from the vintage. Spicy and perfumy Syrah from Cape Agulhas is blended with fruity and creamy Syrah from Franschhoek. Petit Sirah is added for intensity and colour, while Viognier contributes extra floral perfume. The wine is aged in 600-litre barrels from trusted coopers for an extended time to add character, stability, and depth. Full of aroma with rich elegance and a lasting presence on the finish.

Alcohol 12,76% vol
Residual sugar 3,47 g/l
Total acid 5,7 g/l
pH 2,1