Wine Making


La Motte is synonymous with the highest quality in wines. To carry the La Motte label, each wine has to reflect the greatest expertise in viticulture, combined with experience, passion and a creative flair for wine-making.

The La Motte vineyards are overseen by Senior Farm Manager Jaco Visser. They are managed using advanced practices in the selection of vineyard sites, rootstock and clones, grape varieties planted, vineyard facings and vine spacing. These practices are refined by the latest technology such as satellite monitoring and infrared scanning of the vines.

Jaco Visser, Senior Farm Manager

Jaco Visser
Senior Farm Manager

La Motte practices biologic production. Additional grapes are obtained from other affiliated family-owned farms and La Motte-managed vineyards situated in various regions. This adds versatility to the grapes supplied to the La Motte cellar.

Passionate about terroir, La Motte enjoys WWF Conservation Championship status, with the objective of keeping biodiversity intact.


The unique charm of La Motte’s wines comes from the character bestowed upon them by particular soil types and a moderate climate, creating growing conditions that favour the finest grapes.

La Motte’s well-equipped cellar enables wine-makers to blend tradition with modern science in shaping wines globally renowned for their consistency and excellence.

Edmund Terblanche, Cellermaster

Edmund Terblanche

Having achieved certification and accreditation from ISO 14001 and HACCP, La Motte not only complies with the principles of environmental care in wine-making, but also confidently complies with international food safety and quality assurance standards.

Award-winning cellar master
Edmund Terblanche believes that the first priority in wine-making is to make the most of what the grape offers naturally. Individual care is taken with the hand-selection of berries and well-considered barrel maturation.