2005 Hanneli R
2005 Hanneli R - La Motte Wine Estate

2005 Hanneli R

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Inspired by La Motte’s owner, Hanneli Rupert, this wine guides La Motte in its noble pursuit of excellence and its embrace of the South African wine-lands. A Shiraz-based blend produced from hand-harvested grapes, selected exclusively when a vintage yields exceptional quality. Matured in new wood for thirty months. Released at least four years after harvesting. A truly inspired wine.

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This wine is a blend of 55% Shiraz, 29% Grenache, 8% Cìnsaut and 8% Cabernet Sauvignon. The Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon originate from Bot River in the Walker Bay region, the Grenache from Darling and the Cinsaut from Paarl.

For the second year in succession the Western Cape experienced warmer and drier conditions than in the case of the long-term average. Sufficient cold prevailed during the late winter, followed by a warm spring-time. The result was faster, even budding. Growth was lush, probably as a result of nitrogen deposits due to thunder, and canopy management was required. Harvesting started two weeks earlier than usual. Grapes were very healthy and in good condition and had good colour and complexity.

The Bot River vineyards for this wine are trellised and grow in shallow shale with clay deeper down. The area is very windy. Vineyards are managed organically. The result is grapes with a very good colour and an exceptional tannin structure. The Grenache and Cìnsaut originate from dry- land bush-vines and grow in deep (weathered granite) soil. Grapes with an attractive fruity character are yielded in this area, while the diverse terroirs ensure wines with depth and complexity.

The wines in this blend are made from grapes that were picked and sorted separately and were also fermented and matured separate|y.A1"ter 30 months in new 500-litre French oak barrels the wine were blended and then returned to the barrels for a further six months. The wine was fìltered and finally bottled in September 2008. Only 3 000 bottles were produced.

Alcohol 14,71% vol
Residual sugar 3,8 g/I
Total acid 5,8 g/I
pH 3,65