2015 La Motte Syrah
2015 La Motte Syrah - Shiraz Red Wine

2015 La Motte Syrah

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Years of experience in producing this variety have enabled La Motte to combine the grapes of a number of cool terroirs to capture juicy berry-fruit, sweet liquorice, violet flowers and pepper spice. Traditionally a very bold variety, this rewarding Syrah has been refined into a medium-bodied, highly accessible wine.

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For the first time since the 2000 vintage, La Motte Syrah is 100% of origin Franschhoek.

The preceding winter was wet and cold enough to ensure good and even budding. A hot August caused fast budding and an earlier season. The rest of the season was dry, windy and disease-free, with no heat-waves — very positive factors. Due to climatic conditions, the harvest, that was large, lost moisture, enhancing concentration and eventually ensuring excellent quality. Analyses and flavours are promising.

The Syrah vineyards at La Motte Wine Estate are between 10 and 30 years old and are spread over different blocks with different soil profiles. The blocks lie between 200 and 300 metres above sea level. The soil has a sandstone and granite origin and varies from a heavier texture against slopes to sandy soil with good drainage where the landscape is flat. All vineyards are trellised. Each of the different clones and micro climates on the estate makes a unique contribution to the character of the wine.

When picked, the grapes were ripe, but still firm. Grapes were cooled overnight before 100% de-stemming. The whole berries were placed into stainless steel tanks. Selected yeasts were added immediately and fermentation was at between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius. Allowing good aeration, the tanks were pumped over twice a day. The majority of the tanks were pressed before fermentation, to promote elegance and soft extraction. The wine was matured in 300-litre barrels of French oak, 30% of which were new. In order to promote colour and structure, the wine was blended with 15% Durif. The wine was bottled in October 2016 and 12 500 cartons (6 x 750 ml) were released as 2015 La Motte Syrah.

Franschhoek’s Syrah-grapes have a natural fruitiness that includes red berry and mulberry flavours. The Durif adds some plum fruit. One of the blocks that is largely in the shade, yields black pepper spice, reasonably prominent on the palate. With the added wood flavours, this wine is very attractive and well balanced.

Alcohol 13,5% Vol
Residual sugar 3,2 g/l
Total acid 5,8 g/l
pH 3,49