Bread at La Motte

  • The Motte: La Motte’s signature loaf from organic  whole wheat flour using the sourdough method with rye culture. Symbolic of what bread once was before pesticides, additives and ‘fast food.’ To celebrate farming, milling, and baking as it ought to be for the benefit of the aware consumer.   
  • The Classic Sourdough Loaf: Made with whole wheat and rye flour, using the sourdough method and long final fermentation.  
  • Crustique: A lighter wheat sourdough (precursor to the modern baguette). The old-fashioned and unshaped elongated bread is ideal for breaking and sandwich making. Made utilising overnight fermentation for flavour, nutrition and shelf life. 
  • Grande: Long flatbread drizzled with La Motte olive oil and Maldon Salt 
  • Rye Loaf: 100% rye with spices and roasted grains. Suitable for wheat intolerant guests but also to present a different flavour, texture and gastronomic variance.  
  • Mossbolletjies A La Motte classic during harvest time.
  • Croissant 1837: A long fermented wheaten dough, laminated with butter and shaped inro an elegant longer crescent shape.  Thie moon shaped Kipferl was brought from by Vienna to Paris by August Zang, a Viennese baker in 1837.  
  • Ouma Loaf: A family recipe from Mrs. Hanneli’s Rupert-Koegelenberg’s mother. Soaked whole grains and seeds are incorporated into a very soft dough, bringing out the flavours and nutrition of the ingredients.