The Classic Croissant & other celebrated French bakes

Who does not enjoy reading your weekend paper with a freshly baked croissant in the hand? Although these delightful pastries are regarded as French, they have their origin in Vienna and therefore the word Viennoiserie refers to breakfast baking in the style of Vienna, Austria. August Zang opened the first Viennoiserie in Paris around 1837. At the La Motte bakery we honour the original shape of the crescent moon (the symbol of the Ottoman Empire) for more crunch and easy eating. We can also bake our ’skinnier’ croissants in the wood fired oven for a proper bake. The oven, the shape and style all come from the industrial revolution.  

An everyday treat in the La Motte Bakery, it is especially when celebrating our French heritage, that a croissant with coffee or bubbly becomes irrésistible!

Other than for the famous croissant, the French are acclaimed for their pâtisserie and boulangerie.

Pâtisserie refers to sweet French pastries and also the shop where they are sold. In France and Belgium only a pastry shop with a licensed maître pâtissier or master baker, is allowed to be called a Pâtisserie. Typical pâtisserie such as Mille-feuille, Macarons, Paris-Brest en Croquembouche are light, delicate and seductively sweet.

For the Bastille festivities at La Motte this year, Chef Marisa presents a beautiful selection of Pâtisserie, including favourites such as Mille-feuille, Paris-Brest, Macarons and Palmiers. Join us for a sweet treat with coffee, tea or bubbly or let us pack you some charming treats to take home! 

Boulangerie is what we usually understand as a traditional bakery. Here the focus is on bread although pâtisserie and viennoiserie may also be sold. The French love bread and they even have a law that determines the ingredients that may be used! Only two ingredients can be added for variety to the basic four ingredients of flour, yeast, salt and water and they are rye and Ascorbic acid. The ingenious French bakers therefore have to use their kneading, proofing and baking technique to differentiate between the various French breads. To be called a Boulangerie, the breads like Baguette and Pain de campagne have to be baked on the premises.

While the baguette is the symbol of the French lifestyle and an iconic French loaf, there are more to French breads! Enjoy bread in all its beauty at the La Motte Bakery for the Bastille weekend - whether you sit down for breakfast or lunch or buy your favourite loaf to take home.

Visit the La Motte Artisanal Bakery and Garden Café during the Bastille Festival Weekend. Make sure to book for breakfast or lunch!



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