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La Motte - Peter Schütz (1942-2008) Merit award winner of the 1985 Cape Town Triennial

Queen’s Tavern Tiger, 1985
Wood and paint, 277 x 113 cm
Rembrandt van Rijn Art Foundation, Stellenbosch

Peter Schütz was born in Glogau, Germany but the family immigrated to South Africa in the early 1950s. He studied at the Natal Technical College and completed his M.A. degree through the University of Natal. Schütz is a sculptor working in wood and mixed media, prominent themes in his work include landscapes, city scenes, buildings, animals, trees and altered everyday objects.

In 1984 Schütz was awarded as the Standard Bank Young Artist of the year and the receiver of the Gold Medal in the 1988 Cape Town Triennial for his work – Night Dialogue. He represented South Africa in Chile and Morocco at official presentations.

His so called “Chair Series” was a new and interesting three dimensional concept of domestic and African elements which received fascinated feedback at exhibitions nationwide.

Work in the collections of:

Durban Municipal Art Museum, Atlantis/Maiposa, Johannesburg Art Gallery, Telkom, Sasol, Chase Manhattan Bank.

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