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La Motte - On-trend Root-to-Tip Salad

Last week we discussed the food trends and inspirations for 2013.

Chef Chris Erasmus believes that “nose-to-tail” – one of the biggest trends of the past year – should extend to vegetables and that we should also follow the “root-to-tip” approach.

For 2014 he foresees the use of healthier, vegetarian dishes, with ingredients sourced fresh from the garden, such as this potato dish.

Warm vegetable salad with organic baby potatoes,preserved lemon and wood roasted black olives, grilled pears, chick peas and curry butter

One of the finest examples of using what the garden has to offer, is Pierneef à La Motte’s Spring Salad made with a combination of the following fresh produce from the garden at La Motte. Make your own version with whatever you have freshly available.

Butter Lettuce: Crispy and adds loads of texture to your salad

Sorrel: Gives a natural acidity

Cos Lettuce: A juicy leave that adds moisture

Rose petals: A natural perfume!

Pork Bush: Adds crunch, texture, acidity and juiciness

Baby black carrots: For texture, juiciness, beta carotene in vitamin A

Artichoke: Lightly pickled for a fresh flavour of spring

Broad Beans: For colour and texture

Baby beetroot: Earthy notes

Sorrel flowers: Now in season and just adds an extra bit of acidity and some Vitamin C!

Pineapple Sage: Adds a lovely tropical perfume

Broccoli: More texture, vitamins, calcium and greenery

Kohlrabi: Crunchiness and earthiness

Radish: For a slight burn!

Do not use a heavy salad dressing, rather a light lemon dressing to enhance the natural flavours of a beautiful fresh salad.

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