Chardonnay – one of the wine trends for this year.

There was a time when Chardonnay was almost the brand name for white wine, a time when a white wine drinker, was a Chardonnay drinker. Then it changed and for a while Chardonnay was not the popular choice anymore, in fact when selecting a white wine, there was an ABC rule – Anything But Chardonnay.

But loyal Chardonnay drinkers and people who enjoy white wine with food, will be delighted to hear that The Drink’s Business lists the comeback of Chardonnay under their Top 10 wine trends for 2014.

“In a reversal of fortune from the ABC days, Chardonnay will continue to win back converts as both trade and consumer catch up with the new wave of leaner, cooler climate examples.”

What is important to note, is the style of Chardonnay. The revival of Chardonnay is because of a fresher character. Over-oaked, heavy Chardonnays are still not the fashion, but well-balanced and elegant Chardonnays can be enjoyed as an aperitif, a well-deserved glass at the end of the day and a beautiful and versatile partner on the dinner table.

When last did you try Chardonnay? Open your mind and try a few of the latest examples – chances are that you might find it irresistibly elegant!

Why not join us for a tasting of our 2011 La Motte Chardonnay, not only an excellent example of a refined Chardonnay, but also an exceptional partner to food – from exotic choices such as caviar, snails, carpaccio, pâté, crayfish (Cape rock lobster), prawns, langoustine, mussels and perlemoen (abalone) to everyday egg-based quiches and creamy cheese.

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