Celebrating women with feminine sculptures at La Motte

With 9 August being National Women’s Day in South Africa, the month of August is often used to commend the virtue of women. At La Motte we would like to celebrate the many qualities of women with reference to the various sculptures of women on the estate.

Today, a new sculpture was revealed in the courtyard between Pierneef à La Motte Restaurant, the museum and wine tasting room. The Kiss now joins eight other sculptures of women, each who in her own right symbolises the characteristics and universally important role of women.

Sculpturers of the women figures on La Motte, father and son, Theo and Toby Megaw, find their inspiration from beauty and how it is expressed in society through form, stature and gestures, encouraging an individual experience and interpretation as well as dialogue between artwork and observer.

The best-known and most visible of the sculptures on La Motte, is the Wine Bearer, welcoming visitors to the estate. Etched against the beautiful landscape of vineyards and mountains, the elegant women who simultaneously stand proud and humble with her cup running over, is symbolic of La Motte’s ethos of sharing its blessings.

Other sculptures on La Motte by Toby Megaw, includes:

Harvest girl – Cheerful, free and optimistic, the harvest girl is a celebration of the most important time on a wine estate, harvest. She can be viewed in the La Motte Museum.

Girl with violin – calmness, control and creativity, celebrating the estate’s longstanding association with classical music. She can be viewed in the La Motte Museum’s area dedicated to the music and career of owner of the estate and renowned mezzo-soprano, Hanneli Rupert.

Mother and child – gentle care and never-ending love symbolising the importance of family. They can be viewed in Pierneef à La Motte Restaurant.

Works by Theo Megaw that can be viewed on La Motte:

Adanté – the beauty of a women – gentle and free. She can be viewed in the La Motte Wine Tasting Room.

Solitude – free and gentle. She can be viewed in the La Motte Wine Tasting Room.

Rose – a symbol of the beauty and vertility of women. She can be viewed in the La Motte Wine Tasting Room.

The Kiss – the mother’s love and care for her child and the security she is for her little girl. They can be viewed in the courtyard.

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