Celebrating our Golden Jubilee!

"In 2020 La Motte celebrates 50 years of being in our family. It is with so much gratitude in our hearts that we look back over these years. From the initial planting of vineyards and restoration of the historic buildings on the estate, to establishing the quality expectations associated with the La Motte brand today.

Inspiration and dedication are at the heart of La Motte’s culture of excellence, but it is more than that. We are thankful for half a century’s abundant blessing and goodwill.

We know the potential of this land and its people and the vision is about caring and sharing. This family passion for sharing beauty, has been a golden thread through La Motte’s last 50 years - whether it is in the art of winemaking, culinary art, the visual arts, music and even appreciating and caring for the exceptional work of art that we have in the natural beauty of the Franschhoek Valley.

Realising your dreams is not something one achieves in isolation. Being able to celebrate 50 years, means that we have had support and cooperation and inspiration from those around us.

With the exceptional challenges of 2020, we again appreciate the importance of community – whether it is from our local Franschhoek Valley, the bigger South African wine and tourism industries, our global network of co-workers and contributors and our loyal supporters who choose La Motte wine and who visit us on the estate. But, of course, especially the loyalty and initiative of our staff!

We have been blessed with wonderful relationships and unwavering support. Thank you - we appreciate each and every one who is on this journey with us!

In appreciation, we would like to invite you to follow this link and enjoy a special, virtual Thanksgiving Classical Music Concert.

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