2011 La Motte Pierneef Shiraz Viognier
2011 La Motte Pierneef Shiraz Viognier - Red Wine Blend

2011 La Motte Pierneef Shiraz Viognier

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This wine was inspired by the great Côte Rôtie style in the northern Rhône area. It is a unique blend of white and red wine. The flamboyant flavour of the Viognier is a lively complement to the spiciness of the Shiraz. Intended for the connoisseur who appreciates the success of a highly rewarding wine.

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A blend of 90% Shiraz and 10% Viognier. The Shiraz component is from Bot River in the Walker Bay region (57%), Elim (30%) and Franschhoek (3%), while the Viognier (10%) originates from Franschhoek.

Budding started early as a result of a warm August, while spring and flowering time turned cold again, causing unfavourable conditions. Summer was dry, with a heat wave in early January, while generally dry and hot conditions caused harvest-time to be even earlier. Quality-wise, the season was average.

The Elim vineyards grow in duplex soils with a high content of ferrocrete (coffee stone), the Walker Bay vineyards grow in shallow shale, and the Franschhoek vineyards in deep structureless, sandy decomposed granite. The Walker Bay and Franschhoek vineyards are managed organically. This practice, together with the cool conditions in the Elim area, result in a naturally low yield of about 5 tons/ha. The Franschhoek Viognier was chosen because of its late ripening and was picked together with the Shiraz, for the grapes to be fermented together.

Grapes from the various Shiraz vineyards were harvested at different times, but always together with some Viognier. The grapes were hand-sorted and then fermented without stems. Regular pump-overs were performed during fermentation at approximately 25 degrees Celsius.

Good colour and tight, concentrated tannins from the Walker Bay area are combined with spicy, intensely flavoured wine from Elim and elegant, juicy wine from Franschhoek, to produce a wine full of flavour and complexity. The nose reflects raspberry and cranberry fruit with liquorice and green pepper spice. The splash of Viognier adds a rose-petal perfume.

Alcohol 13,41%Vol
Total acid 6,0 g/l
Residual sugar 2,9 g/l
pH 3,42