The Flowers of La Motte

The La Motte Museum's current exhibition Fleurs de La Motte is a lively and colourful exhibition of paintings and sculpture, celebrating the flowers of the estate. Visitors to this interactive exhibition will be charmed by Paula van Coller-Louw's paintings and can also follow the in-house completion of a sculpture, The Blushing Bride, by Toby Megaw.

Sharing a passion for art and culture has always been priority at La Motte and with this exhibition, it is not only guests who are awed by the artistic interpretations of the estate's flora, but also the staff. 

Artist Paula van Coller-Louw worked closely with the Garden team on La Motte to harvest inspiration for her works from the sprawling gardens, both landscaped and wild. While Paula was further inspired by the staff's knowledge and love for the flowers and plants, the team of gardeners could not wait to see the completed works of art. On the day the paintings arrived at La Motte, they quickly gathered to see the works unwrapped and displayed so they can pick a favourite.

Curator, Eliz-Marié Schoonbee asked them about their favourites. 

For Elvin Papier finding a favourite was instant - as soon as he saw the contrasting colours of bright pincushions against a dark background. The pincushions on Trust the Universe are called Tango and Veldfire and one can actually sense the energy! 




Zaine August loves roses and his favourite painting is the beautiful and bright Cultivated Aromas, Paula's interpretation of the Hanneli Rupert rose. Named after the owner of La Motte these lovely coral Hybrid Tea roses adorn the classic rose garden of the estate and make for a wonderful contrast with the indigenous flora found on the mountainside hiking trail. The play between the natural vegetation and the manicured gardens surrounding the historic buildings on La Motte, was part of Van Coller-Louw's approach and inspiration for the exhibition.





Andrew Gouws has been with La Motte for nine years and knows the gardens intimately. He  enjoys the flowers that are not as well-known as the roses, proteas and pincushions, those that hide away in shady spots and under the age-old oak trees. Paint brush inspiration portraying the haemanthus albiflos is his favourite painting.




Favourable Winds is the choice of Wayne Scheepers. It is especially the  softer colours that speak to him. Using shades of pastel is new to Van Coller-Louw's work as she adjusted her pallet to portray the feminine and calm ambience of La Motte.





















Frieda, Hazel and Louise are fondly known as the 'Flower Girls' - a coveted job on La Motte. They spend their days between the beautiful flowers and make a pretty picture when they walk around with bouquets on their way to the Farm Shop. They share some of the grace of The Blushing Bride by Toby Megaw.









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