Syrah and Friends

Over the years, La Motte has gained a reputation for the consistent quality of its Syrah wines, but this is not the only reason why red wine lovers often opt for the La Motte Syrah or Pierneef Syrah Viognier. Syrah's versatility makes it an easy wine to love. It is very versatile when it comes to food pairings as well as occasions and according to Cellarmaster Edmund Terblanche, the Chairman of Shiraz SA, Syrah has a large circle of friends when it comes to blends, food and people!

Shiraz, or Syrah as it is known in France, developed from two antique grape varieties in France's Rhône wine growing area. Over many years, the French dined with Syrah at their tables and many types of cheese, saucisson and dishes were chosen and adapted to enjoy with the peppery, full-bodied red wine made from Syrah. As the gastronomy developed, extraordinary Syrah and food combinations were developed and Syrah found its friends in food. 

Not everyone in the Rhône enjoyed the intensity and ripeness of Syrah. In the warmer, more Southern parts Syrah has a different persona - even more intense and charismatic. Local folk who enjoyed wine throughout the day, wanted a lighter style and therefore incorporated other grapes with Syrah to make it less full-bodied. These blending components depended on the area and the vintage, but here in Southern Rhône, Syrah found its friends in blends.

In South Africa, Shiraz is the second-biggest volume red variety and the Cape Winelands can truly be seen as a home for Shiraz. While I love pure Shiraz, small percentages of other varieties can contribute to the complexity and intrigue of the wine. We can learn a lot from the French, but in South Africa, Shiraz has found its own friends. With our own food culture, wine history and lifestyle, it is easy to gather friends who we can invite into our homes and lives and who will enjoy a glass of Shiraz with us!

Do you consider yourself a friend of Shiraz? Then join us during the Shiraz SA Seven Days of Shiraz and Venison:

Special Syrah Tasting

Syrah Experience

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