Sustainable and Responsible

The 2017 Harvest Season in the Cape Winelands will be remembered for its challenging dry conditions.

The drought’s influence on the wine grape harvest was however manageable and we are excited about the quality of the 2017 vintage. I do think though that this is a perfect time to reconsider our ways of doing. Regardless of the resource, we need to use it responsibly.

For La Motte, sustainability is a principle and priority. It is about more than the certifications and the fynbos, it is about everyday responsible choices in everything we do – from how we treat effluent water to creating awareness through tourism. We are therefore delighted to be a WWF Conservation Champion – aiming to farm commercially while protecting our biodiversity.

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy nature on the estate. Join us for a mountainside-hike – the fynbos are coming into bloom and the Franschhoek Valley views are spectacular.

Wishing all of you a blessed Easter and a wet Winelands winter!

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