Our guide to the best summer salad

It is summer and the ideal time to enjoy healthy fresh salads with your glass of La Motte Sauvignon Blanc!

At La Motte we are fortunate to have a beautiful vegetable and herb garden where chefs can pick their selection for the day early in the morning when the dew is still on the leaves.

Here is our guide to vegetables and leaves – some you might find in your own garden! – that will add flavour, texture and colour to your salad.

Butter Lettuce: Crispy and adds loads of texture to your salad

Sorrel: Gives a natural acidity

Cos Lettuce: A juicy leave that adds moisture

Rose petals: A natural perfume!

Pork Bush: Adds crunch, texture, acidity and juiciness

Baby black carrots: For texture, juiciness, beta carotene in vitamin A

Artichoke: Lightly pickled for a fresh flavour of spring

Broad Beans: For colour and texture

Baby beetroot: Earthy notes

Sorrel flowers: Now in season and just adds an extra bit of acidity and some Vitamin C!

Pineapple Sage: Adds a lovely tropical perfume

Broccoli: More texture, vitamins, calcium and greenery

Kohlrabi: Crunchiness and earthiness

Radish: For a slight burn!

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