New Exhibition in the La Motte Museum – Helgaard Steyn Awards

True to La Motte’s association with art and culture as well as its passion for the preservation of heritage, the La Motte Museum is proud to announce a new contemporary exhibition – The Helgaard Steyn Awards 1987-2013.

The exhibition features winning works of prominent figures in South African art, all of whom have been recipients of Helgaard Steyn Awards, prestigious South African art prizes introduced during the eighties in recognition of excellence in the disciplines of painting, literature, sculpture and composition.

The Awards are funded by the Helgaard Steyn Trust that originated from the estate of Dr. JH (Jan) Steyn, who named the Trust after his father, Helgaard Steyn. Dr. Steyn was a friend of the Rupert Family and shared their dedication to the conservation and development of South African arts and culture. Dr. Anton Rupert, together with his two brothers, were the first trustees. Dr. Rupert’s daughter and current trustee, ms Hanneli Rupert-Koegelenberg, has initiated the idea of celebrating the winning works and award recipients with a retrospective exhibition in the La Motte Museum.

This unique prize is awarded in a four-year cycle and alternates between the disciplines above. At this exhibition, for the first time, the winning works are brought together.

Visual art-works at the La Motte exhibition are part of permanent museum exhibitions, corporate art collections and corporate commissions. While all the pieces were transported to La Motte, the installation piece Showcase / Vertoonkas (2003) by Pretoria-based artist, Jan van der Merwe was dismantled at its usual display site and installed in La Motte Museum by the artist himself. Two of the winning pieces are public installations and they are displayed in the La Motte Museum in the form of representations. The T’kama-Adamastor (1T999) by Cyril Coetzee is represented by the original cartoon for the monumental painting, accompanied by a detailed book on this work commissioned by the University of Witwatersrand. A series of maquettes representing Blastwave (2010) by Wim Botha were especially cast for the exhibition and are accompanied by the artist’s sketches.

A comprehensive exhibition catalogue (R50), printed in full-colour, as well as the winning works of literature, are available from the Farm Shop on the estate. The catalogue can also be ordered from the La Motte Museum.

For more information and to order catalogues, please visit or contact Eliz-Marié Schoonbee at T +27(0)21 876 8850 or E


Year Category Award receiver Winning work Exhibition
1987 Painting- Graphic Art Pippa Skotnes Lament/Klaagsang (1985) On exhibit
1988 Literature Karel Schoeman ‘n Ander Land (1984) On exhibit
1989 Sculpture David Brown Voyage II (1987) Only featured in catalogue due to restrictions.
1990 Musical composition Roelof Temmingh Drie Sonnette (1988) Available for listening
1991 Painting Nel Erasmus Jazz baby spent autumn (1991) On exhibit
1992 Literature John Miles Kroniek uit die doofpot. ‘n Polisieroman (1991) On exhibit
1993 Sculpture Jackson Hlungwani Tiger Fish III; Adam and the birth of Eve; Michael Star; Large Crucifix; God and Christ; Altar of God. (1990) Only featured in catalogue due to restrictions.
1994 Musical composition Peter Klatzow From the Poets (1992) Available for listening
1995 Painting Robert Hodgins South African Summer: All This is So, And Yet … (1992) On exhibit
1996 Literature Breyten Breytenbach Nege landskappe van ons tye bemaak aan ‘n beminde (1993) On exhibit
1997 Sculpture Gert Swart Grace (1996) On exhibit
1998 Musical composition Stefans Grové Afrika Hymnus II (1997) Available for listening
1999 Painting No Award
2000 Literature JC Kannemeyer Leipoldt: ‘n Lewensverhaal (1999) On exhibit
2001 Sculpture Willem Boshoff Blind Alphabet A (1993-1995) On exhibit
2002 Musical composition Roelof Temmingh Kantate: Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein (2001) Available for listening
2003 Painting Cyril Coetzee T’kama-Adamastor (1999) Artist drawing featured
2004 Literature Dan Sleigh Eilande (2001) On exhibit
2005 Sculpture Jan van der Merwe Showcase/Vertoonkas (2003) On exhibit
2006 Musical composition Roelof Temmingh Kantorium (2004) Available for listening
2007 Painting Bronwen Findlay All about everything (2005) On exhibit
2008 Literature Marlene van Niekerk Agaat (2004) On exhibit
Hermann Giliomee Die Afrikaners: ‘n Biografie (2004) On exhibit
2009 Sculpture Andrieta Wentzel Aspects of the Dark Other (2006) Artist drawings featured
2010 Musical composition Hans Huyssen Proteus Variations (2006) Available for listening
2011 Painting Pauline Gutter Silenced I (2008) On exhibit
2012 Literature PG du Plessis Fees van die ongenooides (2008) On exhibit
2013 Sculpture Wim Botha Blastwave (2010) Artist drawings and maquette featured

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