Ice cream & Boerenmeisjes

Most of us have a favourite dessert. Sometimes it is nothing elaborate or fancy, it is just a sweet memory of good times. Chef Eric shares his gran's ice cream recipe that she used to serve with Boerenmeisjes (brandied apricots). It is relatively easy to make and it is quite simple in presentation, but the flavours are intricate and delicious and very nostalgic. In our opinion, the ideal way to end any meal!  Try it with a delightful dessert wine such as the La Motte Straw Wine.

Ouma Rina's Ice Cream

1 tin condensed milk

vanilla extract (or essence)

50 g honey comb (click here if you want to try making your own)

250 ml fresh cream

1 tin evaporated milk, well-chilled


Beat all ingredients together and freeze.

Boerenmeisjes (brandied apricots)

1 2/3 cup water

4 cups dried apricots

1 cup sugar

1 lemon (zested)

1 cup brandy

1 cinnamon stick

Rinse apricots under running water.

Place the apricots in a large saucepan, along with the sugar and water and soak for 24 hours.

During that time, sterilize your jam jars.

After 24 hours, remove the lemon zest by slicing the skin off the lemon (you should have three or four strips of lemon skin) and add lemon zest to the saucepan with the apricots and water.

Bring mixture to a boil and then immediately remove the apricots, transferring them to the jars.

Now reduce the remaining liquid to thicken.

Remove from the heat, allow to cool slightly and add the brandy. Remove the lemon zest.

Spoon the liquid over the apricots and shake.

Seal the jars tightly and store in a cool, dark place for up to six weeks before consuming.