Farm Shop Gift Ideas

During the year the flavour of fresh, farm-baked bread lures visitors to this quaint country shop with its many charming take-home reminders of La Motte, but especially around this time of year, the shop is popular for its beautiful selection of gift items exclusively designed for La Motte:

Hand-made stationery, books, elegant pewter wine accessories, bronze candle holders and diffusers, a range of the finest linen, porcelain vases, hand-carved bread knives, spice-blends from the farm kitchen and La Motte’s own coffee blend, to name but a few.

The range of Arômes de La Motte body products made from essential oils harvested on the estate, is also available as a wonderful gift idea, while the seasonal disas and bunches of lavender will add some festive flair to any household.

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