Culinary Heritage Celebrated

Food traditions differ among nations and in South Africa, with its rainbow culture, the food culture is all but simple. One of the common customs, however, is our love for cooking over an open fire – therefore, also, why Heritage Day in South Africa is fondly refer to as National Braai Day. But we share another culinary tradition.

Eating together

Eating together is about more than the food. Whether it happens around a formally laid table, casually around an open fire or intimately in the kitchen, eating together is about sharing. Like all traditions however, it is something to be treasured and protected. Continuing La Motte’s passion for both the conservation and sharing of, among others, the culinary heritage of the Cape Winelands, this year in celebration of Heritage Day, lunch at Pierneef à La Motte Restaurant will again bring people together around a table.

In tune with the old Cape tradition of family get-togethers over extended lunches and as a reflection of the estate’s owners’ appreciation for such traditional values, lunch will be served ‘family-style’ and guests can expect a selection of artisan breads, plated starters, a main course consisting of two meats, one of which will be a roast, as well as a selection of side dishes, vegetables and salads served to share. A plated dessert will conclude the feast.

A heritage-inspired feast to share
Eating together is not unique to South Africa. It is enjoyed all over the world. But in a country with many differences, we should not only treasure our uniqueness, we should also embrace our similarities and in eating together, we celebrate a true South African tradition.

The Heritage Day family lunch costs R325 per person, excluding wine. Children under 12 have the option to share in the menu at a special price of R125 or order from the Children’s Menu.

The Heritage Day family lunch will be served on Saturday, 24 September 2016, 11:30 – 15:30

Reservations are essential.

Download and example of the Heritage Day family-style lunch menu (please note that this is only an example of the menu)

Download the Pierneef à La Motte Wine List

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