Andrew Clement Verster (1937) Participating artist in Cape Town Triennials

Iris, 1985
Oil paint on canvas, 193 x 101cm (each) – Triptych
Rupert Art Foundation, Stellenbosch

Andrew Verster was born in Johannesburg and studied design at the Camberwell College of Art in London, he received an Art Teacher’s Diploma in 1960 from Reading University. He is a painter of figures, landscapes, portraits, still life, beach scenes and scenic views through windows. Verster works in oil, pencil and watercolour and also a graphic artist producing etchings and combining photography and serigraphs in his work. He is known as a playwright, set and costume designer for ballet and opera productions in Durban. He designed several magnificent tapestries and lectured at the Natal University as Head of the Art Department. Amongst others he is a writer, art critic for the Daily News in Durban and art contributor for The Argus of Cape Town.

As a writer he was the winner of the BBC World Service Playwriting Competition in 1992 and also commissioned by the BBC to write a play – Future Past. In addition he wrote a short story – Aileen, Marjorie, Arthur and Me that was broadcasted by the BBC.


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