A Tribute to the life and work of Jacob Hendrik Pierneef

In 2017, the La Motte Museum presented A Tribute to the life and work of Jacob Hendrik Pierneef (1886 – 1957). The exhibition celebrated the artist’s contribution to South African art and enhanced La Motte’s permanent heritage collection with selected artworks and personal artifacts from various collections in South Africa.

The year 2017 was of special significance to the La Motte Museum as it marked 60 years since the death of Pierneef, as well as the 90th birthday celebration of his daughter Marita, a friend of La Motte and the provenance of the museum’s permanent Pierneef collection.

La Motte’s association with Pierneef’s art dates back to early 2002, with the creation of the estate’s premium wine range, the Pierneef Collection. (Read more) Ever since, Pierneef’s love of what is truly South African, as well as his passion for art are echoed in more than just the name of this wine collection and the estate’s Pierneef à La Motte Restaurant. There is also a strong synergy between La Motte and Pierneef regarding a love of the South African landscape and nature as well as an interest in the preservation of architecture.

The artworks and information was carefully selected from both public and private collections to accompany and contextualise La Motte’s core culture-historical collection. Through this exhibition, key aspects and periods were identified to introduce JH Pierneef – the man, the artist and heritage, each being highlighted by artworks and memorabilia that, on occasion, associate with key influencers, mentors, friends and collectors of Pierneef.

Themes such as mountains, clouds, trees and architecture that dominated the Pierneef oeuvre were explored. With more than 100 Pierneef artworks on exhibition, complemented by personal memorabilia as well as educational information, guests to the La Motte Museum were offered a unique opportunity to engage with the various themes and their subjects, and to compare the various styles and approaches by Pierneef in his artistic career of almost almost 55 years.

For more information on this exhibition or to purchase the exhibition catalogue (printed R350 / e-copy R200 vat inc.) please contact the La Motte Museum at E museum@la-motte.co.za T +27 (0)21 876 8850

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