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La Motte - A Culture of Excellence!

The exceptional recognition of 2011 La Motte Hanneli R as one of the Top 5 Luxury Red Wines in South Africa, makes all of us feel warm and fuzzy, despite the winter’s cold. While the whole team is delighted with the acknowledgement, it is about more than that – it also affirms our dedication to excellence and our slogan, A Culture of Excellence!

The new trend is away from mass production and towards hand-made products, where the skill of the maker and the hours spent perfecting the product are rewarded with a product of exceptional quality and durability.

It is wonderful to have such a focus on quality, but one has to ask: In today’s economic climate, do we still have a place for such products? Even though the story of the craftsmanship can be beautiful and the quality of the product impeccable, can we still afford it?

I guess so. On the one hand we should all be responsible when it comes to spending, but that should not necessarily have any impact on the pursuit of quality and excellence. Excellence has its place in every area – whether you make the wine, or pour it – and acknowledgment of such dedication to quality and excellence should be a motivation to each and everyone of us in our everyday lives.

Good motivation for the last six months of the year!

We hope to see you at La Motte over the winter months when the hospitality of the Franschhoek Valley – from winter menu’s, award-winning red wines, fireplaces, and of course, the annual Bastille Festival – is just what you need to warm up!

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