A celebration of flora

In celebration of the unique beauty of the flora on the estate, La Motte has invited select ceramic artists to interpret the beautiful flowers and fynbos in clay for this year’s Franschhoek Art in Clay Festival. Titled, Fragile Fynbos, the exhibition in the maturation cellar on the estate is open from Monday to Saturday, 09:00 – 17:00 until end November and entrance is free. Click here for more information and images of the exhibition.

La Motte also invites guests to attend a talk focusing on the Cape Floral Kingdom presented by Cherise Viljoen, senior Horticulturist at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, sharing her insights and enthusiasm for fynbos in the Cape Floral Kingdom, with specific reference to the flora portrayed in the ceramic exhibition. Click here for more information and reservations.

Other than the natural vegetation on the mountain slopes, that guests are invited to enjoy on a mountainside Hiking Trail, La Motte’s flower-growing operation includes the cultivation of a limited variety of relatively rare flower species such as disas, blushing brides and proteas.

In 2005, La Motte purchased the world’s largest private collection of disas from horticulturist Prof. Sid Cywes.

Named after La Motte’s owner, the lovely orange blend Hybrid Tea Hanneli Rupert rose adorns the landscaped gardens of the estate and fills the air with its subtle sweet perfume.

As part of its biodiversity principles, La Motte has reintroduced the Franschhoek Pride or Blushing Bride to the mountain on the estate.

Indigenous Protea gardens have been established on the mountain slopes and are available from the La Motte Farm Shop in season – this is the King Protea.

The Madiba Protea also grow on the estate.

Pincushions flower in abundance from August to November.

What a pretty sight it is when the lavender fields are in bloom early December! The essential oils of the Lavandine and other ethereal oil plants on the estate are harvested and used in the body product range, Arômes de La Motte.

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