2023 La Motte Vin de Joie Rosé
2023 La Motte Vin de Joie Rosé

2023 La Motte Vin de Joie Rosé

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The delicate complexity of La Motte Vin de Joie Rosé with its well-defined notes of nectarine, melon, rose petal and Turkish delight is perfectly paired with the simplicity of leafy salads, delicate salmon and trout or finely sliced charcuterie in summer and comforting fish soup or saffron-scented seafood paella in winter. Made to celebrate life’s everyday joys – whether they are social or simple.

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The 2023 La Motte Vin de Joie Rosé is a blend of 78% Grenache, 15% Mourvèdre and 6 % Shiraz and 1% Cinsault. The grapes are from different districts in the Western Cape. The Grenache comes from Swartland and Stellenbosch while The Mourvèdre and Cinsault come from Franschhoek and the Shiraz from Elim.

The approach to the season was positive, marked by normal bud, bloom, and set. Although the initial shoot growth was slow, it later accelerated, particularly after the early December rain. Harvest time commenced earlier than expected. While the analyses for the early grapes were favorable, acidity unexpectedly decreased in some of the later grapes. The intensity of the aromas remained impressive. The season will be remembered for the substantial rain in March, especially impacting the later red grapes.

Different terroirs are represented in this wine. All three of the main mother rock formations in South Africa are represented in these terroirs. This includes decomposed variations of shale, granite, and Table Mountain sandstone. The varieties and different block conveniently ripen on different dates during the harvest and allowed the winemaking team to give special treatments and care to all the grapes in this dedicated Rose protocol. The vineyards are all trellised and all is picked by hand.

The varieties and different blocks were picked and processed separately. The grapes were cooled down for one night in a cold room to release as little colour as possible at crush. The grapes were destemmed and immediately fed into a press where the free run juice drained as it arrived. Only the first 600 l juice from a ton were used to make this wine. After flotation the wine was racked and fermented cool in a stainless-steel tank. The wine was then blended and stabilized before filtration and bottling took place.

Salmon pink to onion skin in colour this rose is typical Mediterranean in appearance. Slightly restraint but well-defined melon, grapefruit, and nectarine on the nose with a hint of sweet candyfloss in the young wine. The palate is polished and juicy on entry with the medium acidity bringing freshness and length. A fresh nectarine aftertaste remains.

Alcohol 12,65% Vol
Residual sugar 1,6 g/l
Total acid 5,8 g/l
pH 3,29